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  • We believe individual health is the foundation for productivity, growth and innovation
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  • Executive well-being is essential to an organisations continued success
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  • Kaelo is a pioneer in the HIV/AIDS management field
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Kaelo Consulting (Pty) Ltd (Kaelo), is fast becoming South Africa’s leading EWP Provider as a result of our innovative and disruptive approach to delivering wellness programmes as well as our longstanding relationships with our clients since 2004. Kaelo is a proudly South African organisation with local expertise on the challenges impacting on South African businesses and their people.

Kaelo, meaning 'Guardian' or ‘to Guide’ in Setswana, is an innovative corporate health and wellness service provider, passionate about enhancing employee wellness, changing and saving lives whilst delivering a positive return on investment to organisations as a result of behaviour change and reduced organisational risk.

For over a decade we have created an extensive range of tangible EWP solutions for companies, managers, employees and their families across South Africa and in Africa.

No one dies on our watch…

Why Kaelo

  • Our bespoke health solutions are customised based on the unique requirements of each business
  • Our programmes have far higher engagement levels and therefore a higher return on investment than that of traditional EAP or EWP providers that offer a tick box approach
  • Kaelo provides a one-stop-shop addressing all your wellness needs with one service provider, ensuring alignment of your various health assets
  • We have a solid infrastructure and the ability to seamlessly provide services to employees across the country
  • We have the ability to integrate with medical schemes to avoid spend and benefit duplication
  • We advocate prevention and early detection of chronic diseases of lifestyle, stress and depression, rather than focusing solely on the treatment of illness
  • We are specialists in HIV/AIDS treatment and management
  • By improving the health of your workforce, we can enhance productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • We place a strong emphasis on ensuring a return on healthcare investment
  • We can identify and mitigate health risks in your workplace
  • We provide regular reporting to track employee health improvements and return on investment
  • We are a Level 2 BEE contributor
  • We are passionate about enhancing and saving lives
  • We are members of The EAP Association (EAPA) which is the largest, oldest, and most respected professional association for professionals in the Employee Assistance field
  • We have over 10 years’ experience and comprehensive professional indemnity insurance to protect your business from any risks
  • We are a local organisation that understands South African people and the environment in which they live and work.

Some of our Clients

Latest News

Will a nose surgery change my life?

Many people believe that plastic surgery can bring them happiness. What would be your reasons for considering this?

•  "If I'm prettier and look younger, my life will be different."

•  "I'll be happy, my husband will find me attractive again."

•  "I'll be successful in my job and I'll have lots of money and lots of friends."

These are just some of the reasons people have for getting cosmetic surgery. And some of them seriousl believe that surgery can bring them happiness.

"And sometimes, this can be the case," says South African psychologist, Ilse Terblanche.

"If someone's life is affected, or activities curtailed, as a result of a physical characteristic, an operation can bring about great change. For instance, in the case of someone who has huge breasts and cannot take part in sport because of them, an operation will make a difference. Or someone who has endured years of teasing about having a really weak chin."

"But often, people get fixated on what they perceive as a physical defect, and it gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in their lives. This preoccupation with a perceived or real defect can take over someone's life to the point of interfering with their normal functioning."

"These perceived defects are often facial – not surprising in a society where so much value is attached to physical appearance. In societies where appearance is less highly prized, it is very unusual for people to become obsessed with a perceived physical defect."

"In cases where someone's unhappiness with their appearance leads to their undergoing multiple surgery, even though they appeared fine to everyone else, they could be suffering from what is called body dysmorphic disorder. This diagnosis is usually made when someone is fixated on perceived physical shortcomings, and is convinced that if they were corrected, everything in their life would fall into place."

So, what are the things you should consider before deciding on having plastic surgery?

Why you want to do this
If you're doing this because you think it's going to change your whole life, you should think twice, because it won't. But if you already feel good about yourself and have a fair amount of self-confidence, but feel that you would feel even better with a slight physical improvement, to make you look less old or tired, it might be a good idea to go ahead.

So what's been happening in your life
If you have recently experienced trauma or changes in your life, now is not the time for cosmetic surgery. If your spouse has died, or you've moved to a new city, or your kids have left home, deal with that first, and then reconsider surgery. No surgery can take away the emotional pain you're experiencing. Recovering from surgery of any kind can really take it out of you. Wait until you feel strong enough to deal with this. And make sure your support system is in place. It may take a while before you can be self-sufficient again.

From dragon to darling in a day
So what are your expectations of this surgery? If you're expecting it to make your sexy neighbour fall in love with you or to make you get that promotion you've had your eye on, dream on. And remember, a plastic surgeon has to work with what you've got. He can change your nose slightly, but he can't turn it into Claudia Schiffer's. Have you got a clear idea of what you want?

No guarantees
All surgery carries risks of infection, blood loss and the side effects of anaesthesia. And also, there are no guarantees of success. Your nose may be flat after surgery, but it may be asymmetrical. Think of Michael Jackson.

Paying through your nose
Surgery doesn't come cheap. Unless it's really essential, or you can definitely afford it, don't even consider it. Most medical aids will pay for reconstructive surgery after car accidents, but they will not pay for a tummy tuck. A nose job is not something you want to pay off for years to come.

In the hands of your doctor
Do you trust this person? Do you feel he/she is being honest with you? How much experience does this person have in doing this operation? Did you get to him/her by means of a recommendation? After all, you are putting your face and your life in this person's hands.


  • " During a difficult time, I e-mailed “Ask Nelson” and received a call back from a councillor who spoke to me for almost an hour. Upon request they arranged for an appointment with a psychologist and after 4 sessions I had made such progress that the psychologist decided that I did not require any further sessions, but advised that should I feel the need I could call and make further appointments. All in all, a great “weight lifted off the shoulders” experience. "
    - employee testimonial
  • " They were professional with a personal touch "
    - employee testimonial
  • " I have used Ask Nelson when I needed to talk to someone. They were very professional but at the same time, both kind and compassionate. They didn’t rush me on the phone and actually spoke to me longer than even I anticipated. I have also used Ask Nelson when I rear-ended a car when my brakes locked. They were very free with information that I was not aware of. Further to that, I was called the very next day by a consultant that wanted to ascertain that I had indeed been given sufficient information. I would give their details to anyone looking for help. "
    - employee testimonial
  • " The lady I spoke to was very assisting and understanding – providing guidance and things to look out for. Very helpful "
    - employee testimonial
  • " I am a single parent who has been fighting a maintenance order for 3 years and been unsuccessful.
    Through this whole ordeal, it had cost me my life savings in attorney fees. Over and above all of this, I had to draw up a will with special clauses because the father of my child is firstly, not a South African citizen, he left the country and we do not know his whereabouts.
    These are all the factors I had to take into consideration when drawing up my will and having to go to an attorney would have set me back a minimum of R1 000-00.

    When we were told by our HR director about the services that we now have access to via our EAP with Kaelo, I was over the moon because this was a blessing in disguise! I was able to call Kaelo about the dilemma I was in and received all the necessary information in order to draw up a will on my own. This meant that I was then able to utilise the money I was saving on my little girl, who is only 5 years old. "
    - client testimonial
  • " …The Astral Health Link is a strong partnership between Astral and Kaelo, a pioneering South African health and wellness company. Through wellness days, training, education, proactive patient management and other employee wellness initiatives, the programme has saved lives, reduced illness and absenteeism, enhanced productivity and supported a better quality of life for all our people… From a business perspective, the return on investment in health and wellness continues to increase and the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. In the first six months of 2012, the minimum return for the Astral Health Link was in excess of R16 million. "
    - client testimonial
  • " My compliments to you and your team for selecting Kaelo as our EAP partner. I was personally enlightened and informed, receiving very useful hints that would make a significant difference to my own management of employee wellness. "
    - client testimonial
  • " Thank you so much for all your help in our Wellness Day as well as the seamless launch on Ask Nelson. "
    - client testimonial