Kaelo provides innovative, essential, healthcare solutions enabling the physical and psychological well-being of all South Africans.

Our one goal is to provide more South Africans with access to quality healthcare. We are progressive in our design, simple in our approach and sincere in the way we engage, changing the way healthcare is delivered to meet the needs of our people.


To improve the lives of all South Africans by providing access to quality healthcare.


We imagine the provision of and access to quality healthcare for all, ensuring a better life for more South Africans and a meaningful contribution to lasting social change.


To provide quality & affordable healthcare that significantly improves the lives of all South Africans.







People First

We put people and their health first. Nothing is more important to us than their wellbeing, even if we have to fight for it. We constantly disrupt the industry and common practices to make sure that people’s needs are met.

To be Most Valued by Those Who Value Their People

We want to align ourselves with companies who believe in investing in their people and are successful as a result. We are a revenue growth partner and ally in building prosperous, sustainable businesses.

The Whole Person

We believe the whole person comes to work. The healthier the employee, and the people who depend on them, the more productive that employee will be. We therefore consider all aspects of overall health – physical, mental, financial, familial, social, spiritual and vocational.

Sincere Engagement

Everything we do must help our cause and create sustainable social change.  We see ourselves as guardians of people, a responsibility we undertake with sincerity, humility and strictest confidentiality.

Do Well by Doing Good

This simple philosophy describes our approach to doing business. It guides the decisions we make, the products and solutions we design and launch, and how we measure our success.

We Do The Right Things Right

We ensure that we only do things in the right way, with the best intent; we also focus on the right things for our customers and our business.


From our beginnings, Kaelo has focused on the biggest healthcare issues facing South Africans, including HIV/AIDS and lifestyle diseases. We’re passionate about finding innovative new ways to overcome the challenges that our communities face, so that people can find happiness in better health and begin to enjoy life again.

Our journey has already been an incredible one, but it’s just the beginning. We have a clear idea of where we’re heading to, there’s exciting changes coming and we’d love for you to join us as we make healthcare more accessible to more people.

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