How Are You?

When was the last time you truthfully answered that question – “How are you?” Imagine how exciting would it be to hear how people actually are? We are surrounded by people from all walks of life, people who have travelled, students, survivors of domestic abuse, people battling illness, you name it. Imagine engaging with all the people you interact with and ask the question “How are you?” and getting a truthful response – we could learn so much from one another about our battles and our victories, so the next time someone asks, “How are you?”, take time to reflect on how you truly feel.

Practicing self-care for some can be incredibly difficult and only becomes essential when you are incredibly stressed or close to burning out. Self-care should not be seen as selfish; it should be seen as the backbone of a healthy mind. Take some time daily to reflect on how you are doing, it’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

In the busyness of our daily lives, according to Robemart, we need some tips for self-care and creating a healthy mind and they include the

Unplugging: Create spaces in your day where you can unplug from everything. We know this is a challenge, but sometimes we need a break from all the electronics, even if it’s just for an hour.

Try Mindfulness: Having the ability to be fully present and aware of where you are and what you are doing. It is about keeping a clear head and trying to stay in the moment. Whenever you bring awareness to what you are doing, you are practicing mindfulness.

How are you?

Make time for personal care: When you’re stressed out, sometimes it is hard to have time for yourself, however, wellness is a collection of the mind, body, and soul. Take the time for yourself, have a long bath, put on a facial mask, or simply meditate, whatever it is that calms you down and makes you feel good, do it, it’ll give you a chance to recharge your mental batteries.

Self-care is an ongoing practice that should not be avoided until the last minute in an effort to recover your mental health.


Dates to Remember

7 April: World Health Day

25 April: World Malaria Day

28 April: World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Self Care Checklist
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