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Vaccine Facts and Myths

Vaccine Facts and Myths Poster

Delta Variant (Navy)

COVID-19 Delta Variant – Did you know?

Delta Variant (Pink)

COVID-19 Delta Variant – Did you know?

Vaccination Day (Navy)

Tips for Vaccination Day.

Vaccination Day (Pink)

Tips for What to Expect on Vaccination Day.

Vaccine - What to Expect (Navy)

Poster – “What to Expect After the Vaccine”.

Vaccine - What to Expect (Pink)

Poster – “What to Expect After the Vaccine”.

Understanding COVID-19

Download multi-language poster set.

Virtual Counselling

Face-to-face counselling now available virtually.

Virtual Financial Coaching

Available now.

Coping through Lockdown


Managing Debt

Managing your debt through difficult times.

Handwashing Posters

Download multi-language poster set.

Handwashing Video

Multi-language Video (English, Zulu and Xhosa).

Prevention stickers / images

Download multi-language set.

Sanitiser desk drop

Download designs (English options only)


Maintaining balance during lockdown poster.

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning and classroom rules poster.

New Ways of Learning

New ways of learning infographic download.


Poster and infographic set on ending domestic and child abuse.


Making cents of the lockdown when faced with retrenchment.

Money Management

How to manage your money and make smart choices.

Winter Ready

Five easy steps to get Winter Ready.

Vitamins & Minerals

Essential Vitamins and Minerals Multi-language Poster set.


Steps to build self-resilience Change and Adaptation

Boredom Busters

Some ideas for when boredom is getting you down.


Staying connected despite social distancing.


Why not take this opportunity to evaluate and reset.

Finding Purpose & Meaning

Create, connect, have fun, restore.

Take our self-motivation quiz

How are you doing?

Slow Down

It is a time to slow down, a time to go inward.


How can we use technology for the BEST.


Let’s reevaluate and perhaps build some new routines.

Silver Lining

Finding the silver lining… we have an opportunity to reflect.

The documents and information on this site were based on information available in March and April 2020. COVID-19 is an evolving pandemic with future regulations and information that may affect the contents on this website.

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