COVID-19 Update | 1 October 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy a Significant Barrier
According to a survey by the Human Sciences Research Council, 28% of the population are hesitant to take the vaccine. The top 3 reasons for this are:

  1. Side effects
  2. Ineffectiveness
  3. Distrust

“The category of distrust spans both distrust and fear of the vaccine itself, and distrust of institutions such as the government or international institutions like the World Health Organisation (WHO). A total of 6% of hesitant adults indicated that they believed in alternative remedies to vaccines. These alternative remedies ranged from the use of drugs like Ivermectin to traditional medicines. Some of the explanations reflected a general uncertainty (9%) or a need for more information (5%).”

With so much misinformation on the vaccine, it is important that we get information from trusted and reliable sources. Click here to view trusted sources on the vaccine…

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