Defining Moments

Define the moment, or the moment defines you…

We have all experienced defining moments in our lives, those moments that change us and our lives forever: like getting married, having kids, retiring, getting a home loan, and certainly experiencing financial hardship, like so many South Africans today.

Moments like these can define you and change your life. With friendly, confidential assistance from your financial coach* -you can, in these moments, define what your financial life will look like even when facing tough economic challenges.

A defining moment is one that influences or changes everything else -the moment when you changed, and your life changed. That is because defining moments impact how you see yourself, so you define yourself differently, for example, you might say “I’ve become a parent” or “I am now financially secure”. As a result, your view of life and your behaviour change, and that changes your life.

There are many different examples of defining moments. It could be a lesson learnt or insight, an experience, or a decision that changed your path in life.

For example, in our financial lives, a defining moment could be when you can finally pay your last debt, make your first investment, or buy your own home. It can also be economic circumstances and financial trouble, which many South Africans are experiencing now –just like Thabo** who was struggling to make ends meet in harsh financial times, and Sandy** who felt like she was drowning in ever deeper debt.

“Even before COVID, we were still struggling to make ends meet,” says Thabo. “But now, it is getting harder still with the cost of everything from food and electricity to fuel and interest rates skyrocketing. I felt so terrified: I could just not see any way we could make it another month.”
“Desperate, I reached out to my financial coach. I am so relieved I did –with my coach’s help we restructured our debts and created a budget we can stick to, so we will not only make another month, but we will also make it every month -even in these difficult times.”


“Last year, I was so deep in debt, I felt scared and hopeless all the time. I couldn’t pay most of the outstanding accounts, and each month the balances were bigger!” says Sandy. “And then the interest rates started going up and up, and it seemed utterly hopeless.”
“Thankfully, I responded to my financial coach’s offer to assist, and I learnt that there was a way out! Thinking back now, that was a defining moment in my financial life, because today I am debt-free and it is wonderful.”


We all have had defining moments like Thabo and Sandy. What defining moments have you already experienced on your financial journey? What defining moments are you expecting, especially when the economic conditions are getting worse?

“Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us.” -Deena Kastor

Many people say that reaching out for help from a financial coach was a defining moment in their financial journey –one that changed how they define themselves and what their financial future looks like.

You can also have a defining moment like that -and that is as easy as taking our March Money challenge!

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Simply share your top 3 defining moments on your financial journey with your coach right now!

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Yours in Financial Health

* Access to your financial coach is an employee-benefit provided by your employer througha completely independent third-party company. Your financial coach is trained and trusted to help you better manage your money –in completeconfidentiality.
** Not their real names. When you reach out to your financial coach, it is 100% confidential! Your personal information and anything discussed with your financial coach will never be shared with anyone.

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