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Executive Wellness

Kaelo recognises the key role that Executives play within corporate South Africa and that their well-being is essential to an organisation's continued success.

With limited time for exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation, health problems are often only addressed after they manifest. Protecting and improving the health status of your Executives and Senior Team is paramount, which is why Kaelo offers a comprehensive Executive health programme.

Kaelo's Executive Wellness offering:

  • Promotes a proactive approach, aiming to identify health risks early on to avoid poor health and illness and their associated costs
  • Promotes wellness in order to ensure that Executives in good health remain that way and actively manage their well-being.
  • Is a process that is implemented at the convenience of Executives, fitting in with their demanding schedules.
  • Executives identified as having a chronic disease and those at risk of developing a chronic disease of lifestyle can be placed on our Health Management programme, ensuring that they receive medically-sound advice, ongoing follow-up, treatment and support to restore and maintain good health.

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