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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are our products all about?

Xelus™ provides short term insurance products that help you cover certain shortfalls that your medical aid does not cover.

How do these shortfalls occur?

They occur when your surgeon or anesthetist charges more than what your medical aid pays for a procedure. This is called a ‘tariff’ shortfall!.

Do all specialists charge more than the medical aid tariff?

Most of them do and the charges vary from 1.5 times up to as much as 5 times more than the medical aid tariff.

So how much is a tariff shortfall?

Tariff shortfalls vary according to the fees charged by your medical specialist and also the severity of the procedure. Typically, the shortfalls on minor procedures are several thousand rands and can be anywhere between twenty and forty thousand rands on large procedures.

Can shortfalls occur in any other way?

hey can also occur if your medical scheme imposes co-payments or deductibles on certain procedures, eg MRI/CT scans or diagnostic scopes while in hospital.

How much is a co-payment or a deductible?

It all depends on your medical plan and on the type of procedure but they range from around R2,000 up to as much as R10,000 per case.

How often does Kaelo Xelus pay claims?

Kaelo Xelus™ processes claims daily and benefit payments to members are made twice weekly

How do I join up?

Get in touch with your healthcare broker or your HR department who will be able to assist you. Alternatively please contact us and we will refer to you to one of our approved brokers.