Importance of Sexual Health

Sexual health involves more than knowing about and avoiding unwanted pregnancies and sexual health diseases. According to the South African Sexual Health Association, Sexual health is the overall health, physical wellbeing, knowing of your sexuality, having safe sexual experiences and having healthy relationships.

Sex Education

Taking Care of your Sexual Health

It’s time to recognise and create awareness around sexual health – not only promoting the right to enjoy good sexual health, but also exploring sex beyond the physical and socio-cultural influences.

This shapes our ideology about sex such as the practice of abstinence and risky behaviour that increases a person’s risk of STI’s and HIV, unplanned pregnancies as well as stigmas on sexuality, STI’s, HIV
testing and condoms.

It is important that we are comfortable talking about sex and sexual health. Educating ourselves about sexual health and having a positive and respectful approach to conversations about our sexuality and sexual relationships too.

Sexual health education also enables people to take charge of their reproductive health and their emotional wellbeing surrounding their intimate relationships. Having healthy, fulfilling relationships can improve a person’s quality of life – improving their physical and mental health.

It is important to educate and acquire the right information about sexual health and sexual health choices.

The Importance of Sexual Health

Did you know?

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Key Dates

4 February: World Cancer Day 2021
Sun 14 February – Sun 21 February: Sexual Health Awareness Week

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