Innovative Moments

Elevate your financial life

Innovative moments refer to those moments in which you innovate: you make a change and you do something in a new way. When you innovate when it comes to your finances, your money challenges can be solved, elevating your financial life to the next level.

To innovate means to make a change and to  do something in a new way, and it is in the innovative moments that we make the changes that better our lives.

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Dr Seuss

In your financial life, innovative moments are those times when you change what you do when it comes to managing your money, so you can elevate your finances to the next level, as many of our readers have done.

Maybe, like Sam*, you could start using your bank’s “round up” or “stash” solution, saving up a bit more every time you spend. Or, as Jess* did, perhaps you also download a money app that helps track spending more effectively. Or, maybe like Thabo * discovered, comparing prices using an app to ensure he gets the best deal.

“When I changed the way, I save by starting to use my bank’s “round up” or “stash” solution, it really changed my financial life!” says Sam. “Before, I believed I didn’t have enough money to save, but now every time I spend money, I also automatically save a bit of money into a saving account. The savings I have accumulated over a few months are amazing and highly motivating!”


“The stand-out innovative moment in my financial life was when I downloaded and started using a money app that helps me to keep track of my money, to budget, to monitor my spending and to understand my spending patterns,” says Jess*. “It has made me so aware of my spending, that I now even have a new habit of waiting a day or two before buying something, to see whether I really need it!”


“When I started comparing prices using an app, I realised how easy it can be to always get the best deal and what a big difference it makes to get a great price on all big purchases!” says Thabo*. “Now I don’t need to risk money on deals that are too good to be true, especially with Black Friday and Christmas coming up, and when I consider buying anything on credit, I now add in the cost of the interest I will have to pay so I know if it is still a good deal.”


Like Sam*, Jess*, and Thabo*, you can also have an innovative moment that will elevate your financial life, doing something in a new way to get better results than ever before. Your financial coach can help you make simple changes quickly and easily in managing, saving and investing your money, taking your financial wellness to new levels.

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* Not their real names. When you reach out to your financial coach, it is 100% confidential! Your personal information and anything discussed with your financial coach will never be shared with anyone.

** Access to your financial coach is an employee-benefit provided by your employer through a completely independent third-party company. Your financial coach is trained and trusted to help you better manage your money – in complete confidentiality.

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