Introducing our Monthly Webinars

At Kaelo we are adapting to how the world is changing and still value keeping you informed and equipped with material that will help you reach optimal wellness, be it physically, mentally or financially.

That is why we are extending our invite to the launch of our free monthly webinars to keep you informed.

These monthly webinars will be hosted by various specialists will be speaking on different topics monthly.

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19 January, 14:00

What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching, how can we use them to set goals View on YouTube Download


08 February, 14:00

Building Beautiful Relationships at Work and at Home View on YouTube Download


08 March, 14:00

Sleep, Rest and Restoration View on YouTube Download


12 April, 14:00

Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration and Balance Emotions View on YouTube Download


10 May, 14:00

Mindfulness for Stress Management, Easing Anxiety View on YouTube Download


14 June, 14:00

Raising the Modern Child Register Now


12 July, 14:00

Rands & Sense-A Guide to Better Budgeting Registration TBC


10 August, 14:00

Empowered Women Register Now


13 September, 14:00

Laughter & Yoga Register Now


11 October, 14:00

Optimising health through behavioural change Register Now


08 November, 14:00

Mens Mental Health


13 December, 14:00

HIV/Aids in our world today

The link to join these webinars will be released on the 1st weekday of every month. Kindly extend the invite to your employees.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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