Be A Hero. Donate Blood.

According to the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), less than 1% of South Africans are active blood donors. One unit of blood is about 475ml of blood and only lasts 42 days after donation and, for this reason, blood donors need to donate regularly. On average, the SANBS needs to maintain a blood stock level of 5 days for each blood group to ensure sustained blood availability for patients in need. However, they currently stand at 3.5 days of blood stock. The National Health Service (NHS) states that blood donation is important because one donor can save a minimum of three people. Blood donations can be used to treat many different conditions such as emergencies, anemia, cancer blood disorders, surgery, haemorrhage during childbirth, and other blood transfusions.
Five Steps
Your Blood Can Save Many Lives

Did you know?

If you are 60 years and older you can now register to get vaccinated for COVID-19. To register, access the EVDS portal by clicking here.

Dates to remember

14 – 20 June: Men’s Health Awareness

14 June: World Blood Donor Day

16 June: National Youth Day

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