Connecting Generations Through Nuggets of Wisdom.

June is known as youth month in South Africa and between 14 – 19 June it is also known as Adult Learner’s Week, giving adults a second chance and the confidence to tackle learning again. Learning is a lifelong activity and over the last two years we have spent more time with family due to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling families to spend more time with each other, thus giving the youth and the elderly an opportunity to connect and share their knowledge with one another.

It’s known in the African context and proverbs that older people can be a source of wisdom and sage advice on dealing with and enjoying life to its fullest and these can be shared as the following tips:

Laughter Is a Great Medicine
Nobody reaches old age without having gone through several trials and tribulations. The secret is to cope with the bad times and find humour in situations.

The younger generation can be more tolerant and open-minded, let’s spend time with our elders and try teaching them how to be open-minded.

Appreciating (the not so) Important Moments
Younger generations get a bad rap for being attached to all sorts of recording and storage technology. With phones, social media, cameras, and countless other tools, kids and young adults are able to record every single moment of their day if they choose and share or store that recording on various different platforms. This readily available technology encourages the younger generation to share photos of meals, post daily updates on their mundane activities and respond to other important moments shared by others. The elders can learn from the younger generation to better appreciate the banal moments of the day and be more open to sharing moments, thoughts, or ideas with friends and family no matter how trivial it might seem.

Be Active
We’ve all heard this fact before exercise has been proven to lower your risk for many diseases, such as heart disease. A number of studies have shown that exercise can actually help you live longer too.

Family Matters
Both generations can agree that family matters and creating unforgettable memories with family is all that counts, so make the most of the times you spend together.
Taking care of your mental health, whether as an elder or youth, is important and if you or your loved ones would like to speak to our counsellors today, give us a call. We’re available 24/7.

Appreciation and June Webinar

Dates to Remember

16 June – National Youth Day
14 June – World Blood Donor Day
14 – 19 June – Adult Learner’s Week

Things to know about mental wellbeing
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