Kaelo Clinics | On-site Clinics

About Kaelo Clinics:

With Kaelo Clinics, an integrated and impactful approach to delivery of On-Site Primary and Occupational Health Services is ensured.

These well measured services optimise the organisation’s investment and deliver improved clinical outcomes, providing a solid Return on Investment and boosting productivity.

For companies, this means professional services are delivered, taking care of key factors such as legal compliance, occupational safety standards, regulatory audits, employee health, injury on duty, absenteeism, sick leave, trauma support, emergency medical care and risk management.

Benefits of Kaelo Clinics:

Unlike traditional business models, where primary and occupational healthcare services are delivered separately, Kaelo Clinics turnkey clinic services guarantee integrated health solutions that benefit employees, reduce absenteeism, help boost productivity and remove any cost duplication to optimise cost and clinical outcomes.

Kaelo Clinics Services:

Risk Base Medical Surveillance
Health Risk Assessments
Injury on Duty
PHC (Primary Healthcare)
Chronic Disease Monitoring
Health Education
1st Aid refresher topics
Legal Compliance
SHERQ (Safety Health Evaluation Risk and Quality Management)
COVID-19 Support

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