“Manning up”

is not the answer

Surveys from around the world find that males, among many races, ethnicities and income brackets, everywhere are reluctant to talk about their mental health and are more likely to die by suicide than females.

Situational stressors can play a major role in suicide deaths among males, many of whom do not have a documented mental health history, due to not reaching out for mental health support.

Research also shows that many men still feel that it is “unmanly” to admit to weakness or vulnerability or even seek psychological help. Using cultural spaces can help destigmatise mental health for men. Destigmatising men’s mental illness allows the harmful consequences of such oversight — including violence, substance abuse and suicide — to be addressed.

Remember men don’t always have to be strong! If you need help or know a male in your life who needs counselling, speak to our Asknelson counsellors for support today.

Mental Health Reminders for Men
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