Take Charge of Your Own Wellness.

Sharing your mental health story not only helps you become more resilient but can help others on their journey to mental wellness. This May we’re taking a look at focusing on yourself and others around you. Remember self-care is not being selfish, and it is an ongoing practice that should not be avoided until the last minute in an effort to recover your mental health.
Author and Self-Coach Specialists, David Novak and Jason Goldsmith say you can’t leave your personal growth and wellness to chance as they paint a picture of how self coaching can transform your overall life. They continue to emphasize that coaching yourself to wellness doesn’t mean
going about it alone, instead, “it means you are constantly looking for ways to grow yourself and for anything and anyone who can help you do that.” So if you’re tired of putting your happiness and wellness on hold here are a few practical steps you can follow for mental wellness:

Let go of expectations. Often, our own unrealistic expectations prevent us from accomplishing important goals. If we can’t do something “perfectly,” we’d rather not do it at all. Instead of letting that pressure keep you from trying something new, let go of expectations and do what you can. Notice all the good moments of joy around you, no matter how small or big.

Learn how to deal with stress. Whether we like it or not stress is part of our life and practising good coping skills like the one-minute stress strategy where you tense your muscles, one area at a time, and enjoy the relaxation upon release, or doing a physical activity like walking/ exercise, or even journaling can help you manage your stress levels.

Always make time for yourself, and be kind to yourself by setting manageable goals.

Take Charge of your Wellness

Dates to Remember

6 – 12 May National Burns Awareness Week
17 May – World Hypertension Day
12 May – International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases
12 May – International Nurses Day
15 May – International Day of Families
31 May – World No Tobacco Day

May Live Webinar
Four Grounding Techniques
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