Stay Safe and Prevent a Fire From Breaking Out.

Burn injuries happen in a matter of seconds and demand a quick response no matter how big or small as they can change a person’s life forever.In light of National Burn Safety Awareness Week this May, with winter just around the corner, many families will be turning up the heat to keep the chills at bay. That means more coal-burning fires, paraffin heaters, electrical heating appliances and an increase in the use of candles.

This is when we should be more vigilant to prevent burns from occurring and know the basic fire safety precautions such as having working smoke alarms/detectors in your home, an escape plan if a fire should occur, as well as fire extinguishing equipment should you ever need it, in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

After the scare, the shock and the flash of pain,the worst thing is that they could cause permanent scarring, infection and bigger problems in serious cases. If you can gauge how bad it is, you can take steps that will minimise the damage.

Children should be taught about stop, drop and roll – as an important method used to smother flames, as they are more vulnerable to burn accidents in the home.
Burn injuries, in addition to causing physical trauma, can also cause psychological trauma which may require seeking psychological help as well.

Other preventative tips to avoid a fire from occurring include the following.

Burn Prevention Tips
Types of Burns
Health Vaccination

Dates to Remember

6 – 12 May – National Burns Awareness Week
17 May – World Hypertension Day
12 May – International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases
12 May – International Nurses Day
15 May – International Day of Families
31 May – World No Tobacco Day

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