Make money work for life’s memorable moments

Memorable moments stay imprinted on our minds and hearts throughout our lives. Think about a memorable moment in your life, for example, a wedding celebration or the birth of a child, and how it impacted you financially?
In this article, our readers share some of their memorable moments with us and show us how to ensure that these moments are not tainted by financial difficulties but are also positive money moments.
We may forget many of the moments of our lives, but there are those special and enjoyable moments that are not only worth remembering but are likely to be remembered throughout all our lives.
Certainly, some of the examples most people will share when asked about their most memorable moments are wedding days; the days on which their children were born; the time they received a qualification, recognition, or promotion they worked so hard for; or perhaps a great personal achievement, such as walking again after a disabling accident.
While our memorable moments may differ, most memorable moments are positive events that allow us to realise how good life can be.

“Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to realise how good things truly are.”

Marianne Williamson

However, especially in these difficult economic times, it can also happen that our memorable moments are tainted by financial distress and money problems.
Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your most memorable life moments are free from money worries, such as savings and having insurance cover in place – as some of our readers share with us below:

When I was still a young girl, my mom insisted on us starting to save up money for my wedding,” says Lauren*. “I had no plans of getting married soon, but she was determined. Many years later, when my husband and I announced our wedding date, she gave us the money saved up – and it was enough for the dress and reception I wanted but would never have been able to afford without her savings! To have the wedding of my dreams – without having to borrow money – made this memorable moment of my life even happier!”


“When we found out my wife was pregnant with our first baby, we were so happy, we told everyone!” tells Grace. “I mentioned it to my financial coach, and he immediately suggested that we meet a financial planner and explore additional medical cover for the baby. When there were complications during the birth, the extra medical cover took care of all the additional costs to give our baby the medical care needed! Holding her for the first time was the most memorable moment of my life – intensified by thankfulness for the financial advice that made it possible for us to afford the medical care that saved her life.”


Which memorable moments do you remember most fondly?

Perhaps it is the day you married your partner, like Lauren* or the days on which your children were born, like Grace*?What financial impact did these memorable moments have?
Remember, your financial coach** is just a click away and can assist you to ensure that your family’s memorable moments are also positive financial experiences.

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* Not their real names. When you reach out to your financial coach, it is 100% confidential! Your personal information and anything discussed with your financial coach will never be shared with anyone.

** Access to your financial coach is an employee-benefit provided by your employer through a completely independent third-party company. Your financial coach is trained and trusted to help you better manage your money – in complete confidentiality.

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