Life After Lockdown – Preparing Your Workplace

28 April is World Day For Safety And Health At Work. With Level 4 lockdown restrictions starting on 1 May 2020, meaning more companies will have employees returning to work, what can you as an employer do to prepare your workplace for their return? And what measures can you put in place to ensure the mental and physical health and safety of your staff during this transition period? Here are some suggestions:

28 April 2020


Today is World Malaria Day, and this year the World Health Organisation is teaming up with the RBM Partnership to promote their grassroots campaign, “Zero Malaria Starts With Me.” Globally, malaria affects between 350 and 500 million people every year, affecting their productivity at work and at home. On average, employees lose about 4 working days every time they have malaria. So, if you’re an employer in a malaria area – Mpumalanga, northern KZN or Limpopo – you’ll know the benefits, to your company and your employees, of having a malaria-free workforce. Malaria is treatable and preventable, but if we ignore the threat, it can also be fatal. Does your company have a formal malaria policy in place?

25 April 2020


[Blog] The Kaelo Response to CMS Circular 79 & 80 2019

11 December 2019

[Breaking News] We Passed ISO Today!

2 August 2019

From the start, Kaelo has focused on the biggest healthcare issues facing South Africans. Our journey has already been significant but it is only beginning.

It is pleasing that we can begin this update with an exciting announcement:

We passed the ISO AUDIT today!


[Blog] Why go Gap?

July 2019

Here’s a worrying statistic for you – over 80% of South Africans don’t have medical aid cover.

Now here’s another one: Only 15% – 20% of the people who do have medical aid also have gap cover.

So what’s the problem? Why have approximately 80% of all people on medical aid in South Africa chosen not to have gap cover?


[Blog] Blood is in the air

June 2019

Delivering life-saving units of blood by drone:

At Kaelo, we believe in quality healthcare for all, no matter who you are or where you live. This is why we’re so excited by innovations such as these, that bring life-saving medicine to areas usually bypassed by this kind of technology. 


[Update] New Kaelo Gap Smart Claim Form

June 2019

[News] AUH Acquisition

February 2019

Kaelo finalises gap cover acquisition with African Unity Health. Transaction to increase Kaelo gap cover policies to more than 275,000 lives across South Africa.

[News] Kaelo has rebranded

November 2018

We have created a brand that we feel reflects who we are and how we provide access to quality healthcare.

Kaelo means guardian, we have created an inclusive and caring brand.

It is simple and sincere with no frills, the way we like to engage with our customers.

It is bold and tenacious and differentiates Kaelo in a competitive market.

It is a progressive brand which reflects our approach to healthcare provision.

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