Powerful Moments

How to grow on your financial journey.

Powerful moments are those times when you are inspired to make a new choice and are ready to take actionimmediately. They are moments you are not just going through life, but instead growing through life. In your financial life, that means no longer just surviving from one month to the next, but rather moving ahead steadily towards financial security.

Powerful moments are those moments in life when things change. When you start growing, you start making better money choices and take actioninstead of simply going through life, day after day.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”


These powerful moments often come when you suddenly realise there is a solution, and you choose it. This sparks action, energising you to get up and do what needs to be done to improve your life in any area.

As just one example, after an illness, you might begin walking each day and eating healthier because you realise that good health is very important for a happy life.

When it comes to money and finances, powerful moments can also create change and inspire action that can shift your financial future. So, instead of simply going through your financial life, month after month, just trying to pay all the bills – you are growing through your financial life, each month moving a little closer to a better financial future.

Good examples would be what happened to Thabo**, who realised it was possible to get a lower interest rate, or, like Debbie**, who saved thousands of rands in interest and shaved 5 years off her home loan repayment term!

“The interest rates kept going up and up, and each month my debt repayments were more and more, until one month I couldn’t pay all my accounts,” says Thabo**. “In that moment, I decided to get help, and my financial coach assisted me to negotiate better interest rates on my debt. I immediately started making progress in paying off my debt, instead of drowning in it. In just a few years, I will be free of debt!”


Debbie** says this about her experience: “When I bought my first property my financial coach guided me to pay 10% more into my bond repayments each month. When I saw how much interest I would save and how many years it would shave off the term, I followed this tip immediately. I have saved on interest, and I am 5 years closer to paying off my home loan!


We can all have powerful moments like these in our financial lives that enable us to make changes and take action immediately.

Your coach can help you see how you can solve your financial problems, so instead of just going through life, surviving month after month, you can grow financially – erasing debt, building savings, investing for tomorrow and moving towards a better financial future.

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* Not their real names. When you reach out to your financial coach, it is 100% confidential! Your personal information and anything discussed with your financial coach will never be shared with anyone.

** Access to your financial coach is an employee benefit provided by your employer through a completely independent third-party company. Your financial coach is trained and trusted to help you better manage your money – in complete confidentiality.

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