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It is often reflective moments – usually triggered by the right questions – that completely change our lives and behaviours. This is certainly true when it comes to our financial lives. Read through these stories our readers share about the simple financial questions that sparked their own reflective moments and that have made a huge positive difference in their financial lives.
Reflection means taking time to really think about things. It is crucial to understand what we do and why, to learn from our experiences and to do better in future. By continuously allowing yourself to question your actions and motivations, to learn from your mistakes and to improve every aspect of your life, reflection can help you be a winner.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.”

Nelson Mandela

In our financial lives, reflective moments can bring quick and significant change, especially if you ask the right questions! Financial reflection means taking time to think about your finances – asking yourself questions such as:

What are my financial habits and behaviours and why?
– How have these actions impacted my current financial situation?
– How can I do better tomorrow?

Below we share some stories from our readers about the financial questions that triggered the reflective moments that made a substantial difference in their financial lives.

What’s the best financial decision you made?
Susan tells how she started reflecting about her finances by thinking back over her money decisions since she started working. This allowed her to realise that the one that made the biggest difference was automatic savings: setting up a monthly debit order that goes off her account on pay day. Ensuring that she always pays herself first and making savings her top priority, is the best financial decision she had made.

What is one thing you could do today to improve your finances?
“This is the financial question that has given me the best reflective moments,” says Malika. “Having just one financial task to do today made it much easier to accomplish, but still added up to a really big shift in my finances each day.” Malika’s examples of the one thing to do today, include reviewing her bank statement, reading an article about personal wealth, or reviewing her vehicle insurance.

Are you on track to meet your long-term goals?

“This question made me think about my long-term financial goals, my progress to meet these and what I could do to ensure success,” says Thandi. “I realised my most important goal was to pay off my home loan before retirement. The financial coach helped her realise I could reach this goal by paying 10% more monthly into my home loan – and save on interest while doing so!”


Like Susan, Malika and Thandi, we can all have a reflective moment that can change our financial lives quickly and significantly – and it is just the right financial question away!
Remember, your financial coach is available to guide and assist you as you reflect on your financial situation, with questions that can shift your financial life and amazing support to achieve your financial goals.

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