Remarkable Money Moments – how to create yours

It is inspiring to hear about other people’s remarkable money moments, because it opens in our minds the possibility that we can also do the same –and if you think you can, you usually can!

We share with you several remarkable money moments our readers have shared with us and explain how easy it is for you to create your own remarkable money moments.

Remarkable money moments are those times -when it comes to money matters -that we not only try, but triumph! These are moments that stand out, and that we remember as remarkable, because it is in those times when you realise: “Yes, I can!”

Realising “you can” is very important, because as Henry Ford reminded us: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are usually right”.

Here are a few remarkable money moments to inspire you to create your own…

“I always thought my grandmother was much too strict, insisting I always save half of my pocket and birthday money, saying ‘it will be much more when you need it’,” tells Lerato*. “Years later, when I had an opportunity to study abroad, I was delighted that my savings had grown enough for me to take the opportunity. I realised in that remarkable money moment just how powerful compound interest is over time, even with small amounts! Now I know I can save for anything. Thanks Grandma!”


“I had a remarkable money moment after the first months of COVID Lockdown,” says John*. “After weeks of worried days and sleepless nights, frantic about how my family could survive on our extremely reduced income, I realised ‘we can!’ – we don’t have to spend money to be happy. Seeing how our spending changed during those difficult months, I realised we can live within our means –no matter how much or how little it is.”


“My financial coach insisted that I start an emergency fund two years ago, and I agreed to save a small amount each month,” says Thenda*. “A few months ago, I had unexpected and very expensive car repairs. I was so grateful that my emergency fund was sufficient to cover these, so I could get to work each day. I now save three times the amount I used to save in my emergency fund, knowing what a relief it is in times of financial trouble.”


We would all like to have remarkable money moments like these, moments that completely change our mindsets. And when it comes to financial success, changing your money mindset is a more important factor than how much money you have in your bank account!

Which of these remarkable moments inspire you most? Perhaps it is realising, like Lerato*, that you can save for anything or, like John*, understanding you can live within a budget or, like Thenda*, knowing what peace of mind an emergency fund brings.

Remember, your financial coach** can assist you in achieving a remarkable money moment and is just a click away.

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* Not their real names. When you reach out to your financial coach, it is 100% confidential! Your personal information and anything discussed with your financial coach will never be shared with anyone.

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