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September is known for spring and for prostate and cervical cancer awareness month.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland, found only in males.

It is the most common cancer affecting men in South Africa.

Prostate cancer generally affects men over the age of 40 and this risk increases with age. Having a family member with prostate or another cancer is also a risk factor for developing prostate cancer. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity, sexually transmitted infections and diet may contribute.

Health Tips
Prostate and Cervical Cancer

Prostate and Cervical Cancer

  • Consider an HPV vaccination if you are under 26 years of age and have not been vaccinated previously (note: This is freely available as part of the Integrated School Health Programme, given to girls Gr 4, 9 years and above).
  • Practice safe sex: use a condom and limit the number of sexual partners.
  • Know your HIV status. If you are living with HIV, be sure to start and continue on your medication as recommended by your healthcare provider.
  • Stop or reduce smoking.

Women who are sexually active are advised to go for a pap smear each year. A pap smear is a test that detects cervical cancer before symptoms develop. This test can be done at a clinic by a primary healthcare provider such as a nurse, or by your GP.

We encourage you to seek further medical advice if:

Cervical Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. It is important to recognise when to reach out for help throughout your health and wellness journey.

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