Do your money matters leave you feeling anxious?

You are not alone. More than half (52%) of people polled by DebtBusters indicated they feel stressed and anxious about running out of money before the end of the month.

Unlike the other surveys conducted by DebtBusters that usually gauge South African consumers’ financial stress through the lens of those considering debt counselling as a financial solution, the latest research – called the Money-Stress Tracker – was based on 14 000 people who are not part of any debt management programme.


of them felt financial stress affected their work life.


believed even their health started to suffer.
The study further indicated that women were more financially stressed.

Some 36% of respondents were already struggling to pay off all their debt each month and 15% battled to pay school fees. Another big part of the cohort was concerned about inflation, unexpected expenses and whether they would have enough money to retire. Many have not done anything about their stressful financial situations because they “feel stuck” or need time to think.

Research highlights that the solution to financial stress is to have a healthy money-conscious mindset and to take action daily to manage your finances.

Ask Nelson
Dhashni Naidoo, FNB’s consumer education programme manager, shares five tips to help you with your financial anxiety:

1. Review your budget

Write down all your income and expenses so you can start planning how to spend your money.

3. Emergency Fund

An emergency fund can be useful for a rainy day or loss of income. It is advisable to save between one to three months of your monthly expenses.

5. Long-term savings

Speak to your bank or a financial advisor on how you can make long-term investments so that you are planning for the future.

2. Managing your debt

Manage your debts by paying a little more towards your debt on a monthly basis and paying off debts with higher interest rates sooner.

4. Managing your debt

A savings buddy can help you develop the discipline needed to continue the ractice of saving. A savings buddy can also be a sounding board when you are overwhelmed with financial stress.

Start taking the right steps towards taking control of your finances and mental health.


Make better money choices and join in on our financial challenge this month

Finding a financial solution and taking your financial health to the next level in 2023 is possible and while financial wellbeing is different for everyone, it is still attainable whether you want to save big or small.
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