What are you doing with

Your One Precious Life?

A question posed by many and heading into a new year, a great question to challenge us on what we want to achieve and who we want to become in 2024!

The New Year comes with the perfect opportunity to create new routines and habits that can help you to succeed in 2024. To set yourself up for success in 2024 requires intent. Being intentional about where you are going and what you want to achieve will set 2024 apart from previous years.

While health goals commonly have to do with weight loss, your health is also about integrating self-care into your life, staying on top of your mental health and getting adequate sleep. Maintaining optimal health isn’t only good for your well-being, it also affects your ability to achieve your other goals. By becoming the best version of yourself, you will be setting yourself up for success in everything you do.

Tips to motivate you to


Be realistic

Set SMART goals. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-specific set you up for success.

Establish stepwise objectives

Pursue your larger, overall goal in incremental steps. If your goal is to lose weight or start eating healthy start small. Instead of overhauling your entire diet, replace one guilty pleasure — such as cookies or ice cream — with something healthier that you enjoy, such as your favourite piece of fruit. Exercise is good for you, therefore, start doing something three days a week, even if it is just walking the dog around the block. Do what you can; you can always up the ante as your progress toward your overall goal.

Be persistent

Go easy on yourself. If you stray off course, don’t give up. Try to figure out why you fell back into a bad habit and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Nobody’s perfect.

Reward success

When you reach a goal, do something you enjoy. See a movie or buy a new outfit — whatever makes you feel good.

Seek support

Find others who share your goals and pursue them together. Likeminded individuals are easy to find this time of year — in exercise classes, support groups and smoking cessation programs. Speak to our AskNelson counsellors.

Take one day at a time

Follow the practice of 12-step programmes and stay in the present. “Forever” is a long time; thinking too far into the future can make chasing a goal seem like a marathon more than a fun run.

Keep a diary or journal

Writing things down helps you state your goals and track your progress. It’s an expression of your commitment and a good way to look back and see how far you have come, which can motivate you to continue.

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