An employee is more productive the healthier they are. Putting Occupational Health and Safety first provides a number of important advantages, including, keeping a keen eye on working conditions to spot and remove dangers, determine the degree of risk connected to certain employment types and lowering the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

One should always ensure a comprehensive and impactful approach to the delivery of On-Site Primary and Occupational Health Services. These well-measured services optimise the organisation’s investment and produce superior healthcare results, resulting in a positive rate of investment and increased productivity.

For organizations, this entails professional services relating to legal and compliance, occupational safety standards, regulatory audits, employee health, absenteeism, sick leave, trauma support, emergency medical treatment, and risk management.

Having an integrated outsourced onsite clinic solution manages:

  1. Medical Surveillance Programme

 Performing medical surveillance screening as part of Occupational Health Disease Management enables us to identify possible Occupational Health related diseases as described in the COID Act (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993).

  1. Occupational Health Disease Management

During medical surveillance screening we can identify possible Occupational Health related diseases and provide a course of action to manage health risks.

  1. Injury on Duty

 An Injury on Duty (IOD) can occur at any time and the prevention of accidents and more importantly, the administrative follow-up with authorities, is a time-consuming process which requires much attention to detail. Having a Kaelo Clinic on-site enables organisations to rely on nurses to assist patients on-site according to their scope of practice.

  1. Primary Healthcare

Providing primary healthcare forms the backbone of what Kaelo does.  The treatment of minor ailments, and providing medication as per our approved list gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we provide the necessary care for employees to recover.

  1. Chronic Disease Management

People make up an organisation and chronic disease management forms part of our daily lives. Long working hours often prohibit employees from finding the time to prioritise their health and that is where we help with our screenings to identify undetected diseases or chronic conditions and refer employees to a doctor or state programme.

  1. Health Education

Kaelo provides monthly newsletters to educate employees about health issues and how to enhance their lifestyle. The communications are broad and cover topics such as women’s health, HIV, cancer screening and chronic diseases.

  1. Statutory compliance

Our Occupational Health Management Programme is aligned with South African legislation requirements.

  1. ISO 45001:2018 requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system
  2. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

 Having an ideal clinic to take care of the workforce by promoting health and preventative measures and providing treatment and appropriate referrals should not be a state of utopia, but a present reality for every organisation. Kaelo On-site Clinics offers all of these, as well as convenient access to healthcare for employees thus saving on travelling time and waiting to be treated.

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