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2020 Product Catalogue


Kaelo provides innovative, essential, healthcare solutions enabling the physical and psychological well-being of all South Africans. As a leader in corporate healthcare and HIV/AIDS solutions, Kaelo is passionate about fighting this disease and supporting HIV.

We provide support through our HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) initiative and our Healthcare programmes.

Raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and be actively involved in combating the spread of this disease.

World AIDS Day, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, the 1st of December 2020, is an ideal opportunity for each one of us to pledge to make a difference. Let’s raise awareness and be actively involved in combating the spread of this disease.


As each year passes, the HIV infection rate worldwide continues to rise in certain regions, one of these being Africa. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to know their status by offering HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and to create awareness educate people about the successful treatment programme that we offer through a skilled team of Patient Managers.

The Kaelo World AIDS Day campaign aims to support you, our clients and your employees, around the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace. Access the 2020 catalogue of clothing, digital, lifestyle, technical and creative items to order your World AIDS Day items.

The World AIDS Day campaign within your organisation could commence prior to 1 December and extend beyond that particular week. We look forward to celebrating World AIDS Day with you and continuously work with you to raise awareness and support HIV/AIDS.

We see ourselves as guardians of people, a responsibility we undertake with sincerity, humility and strictest confidentiality.


World Aids Day 2020

World Aids Day 2020

Please complete this order form by no later than the 29th of October 2020. Any orders placed after cut-off, may result in stock being delivered after 1 December 2020. It is important to note that images are for illustrative purposes only and that actual products may vary.

Please note that all prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

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Digital Items

Enabling Digital Awareness
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Digital Options (free)

Industrial Theatre Video

Kaelo will offer a prerecorded webinar free of charge which will focus on the following key aspects.

  • World Aids Day Awareness.
  • Stigma and Discrimination on HIV/AIDS.
  • Impact of COVID-19 on people living with HIV/AIDS.

Alternatively there are other packages you can choose from for a fee:

No of participants Item Rate
10 – 50 people Lead Facilitator x 6hrs
Facilitator no 2 x 6hrs
R 2 800
Face to
50 – 100 people Lead Facilitator x 6hrs
Facilitator no 2 x 6hrs
R 5 500
R 3 700
Workshop Prep Lesson plans, concept notes,
scripts etc
R 8 300
once off

Conditions of Engagements

  • Virtual or face-to-face (theatre style intervention)
  • Availability of the participants for face to face – live theatre style approach.
  • Availability of a studio for Zoom call if its virtual.
  • Accommodation to be arranged for travel outside Johannesburg (minimum four star requirements.).
  • Stationery, printing costs, food and beverage for participants (if face-to-face).
  • Mobile Data.
Industrial Theatre Video

Clothing Items

Stand out and support World Aids Day
Select a t-shirt option here, then choose either the dark or light version, the size you want and the quantity.

Use the "Add button" at the end of the process to order additional t-shirts in different sizes / options etc.

T-shirt Options (R125.00 each)
Colour Option *
Headband / Bandana (R81.00 each)

Lifestyle Items

Keeping your body and workspace healthy and safe
Hand Sanitiser
Please note that these are not branded.
Disposable Wipes
Chair Posture Trainer (R344.00 each)
Please note that these are not branded. To brand this item, please purchase the stickers below.
Resistance Bands (R125.00 per set)
Yoga Ball and Pump Set (R320 each)
Have some fun, order and brand this with your World Aids Day stickers. Refer to Stickers Section of the form below.

Technical Items

Be tech savvy and protected
Cellphone Stand (R40 each)
Cable Organiser (R114 each)
Please note that this item can not be branded.
Earphones (R21.00 each)
Laptop Camera Cover (R25.00 each)

Creative Items

Being creative helps levels of stress and anxiety
Colouring Books and Crayons (R33.00 each)
Mini White Boards (R14.00 each)
Stickers (R58,00. Pack of 12)


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